Tips & Tricks

by Rascon Landscaping and Construction

Spring in Arizona

Dear Customers,
Wow, it sure is getting hot fast! Sure didn't expect these temperatures. It is that time again to start some extra maintenance in your yards. If, you have citrus trees it is the time to fertilized. It is also time to do major trimming and clean-up of all plants and spray Preemergent for weeds. Please contact us if you need or want this service.

We do offer a full General Contractors business which does include Landscaping and Construction, house sitting and Notary services. Below is our new website link. Please continue to recommend us to friends and family. We appreciate our customers and want to continue to serve you.

Preparing for cold winter days

Trimming Roses Back

After Valentines Day depending on the weather Roses can be trimmed back.

Living in the desert is tricky for plant life

When temperatures fall to 32° or below it is vital to cover your plants & pipes. If you are only expecting a light freeze, you may be able to protect plants in a freeze simply by covering them with a sheet or a blanket. This acts like insulation, keeping warm air from the ground around the plant. The warmth may be enough to keep a plant from freezing during a short cold snap. For added protection when you protect plants in a freeze, you can place plastic over the sheets or blankets to help keep warmth in. Never cover a plant with just plastic, however, as the plastic will damage the plant. Make sure that a cloth barrier is between the plastic and the plant. Be sure to remove the sheets and blanket and plastic first thing in the morning after an overnight cold snap. If you do not do so, condensation can build up and freeze again under the covering, which will damage the plant.

Planting in winter months

You can plant during winter months but what you do plant should be protected during cold nights. Cover newly planted foilage when the temperature reaches 32° or below.

Also consider planting plants that do better in winter months.